Monday, May 18, 2015

The snake is on the move!

Status: I am happy to report we accomplished much in the last month.

In honor of our six-month anniversary, I reworked and "branded" our website and forums!
For those who like to "see the links": and  Also,
we applied for and received free licenses for Atlassian's suite of tools. See my next post for more...

We now have Jython 2.7 in our Development distribution at NetBeans effective 17-May-2015!
As previously reported, the folks at have been very busy, and released Jython 2.7 Final.

Ralph and Julio have incorporated Jython 2.7 RC3 (#251765) into our current development release. Don't worry, it's the same as "2.7 Final"; only the name was changed, as 2.7 RC3 was accepted as "Final" after we incorporated 2.7 RC3 into our release. We plan to include the latest Jython 2.7 (as of July) with the Python Plugin for Netbeans 8.1, and we will make that update in late July, 2015.

Ralph also fixed #155073 and updated the project to build with JDK 7.

Julio and I finished most of the work on Python Platform Autodetect (#251902 and ten other bugs). At roughly two seconds per platform, it's occasionally slow if you have several platforms on your machine. I will investigate avoiding the "slowness detector".

Vincent continues working on UTF-8 (#153498), now that Jython 2.7 is in place. He is also working on related issues #158693 and #171688.

Julien has been working on the design for Pyramid support, as well as testing (setuptools) Projects and the new/updated websites including Agile-JIRA and Confluence..

Val and Serhii are performing some exploratory/UAT testing. You can too!
See: How to install new Development build(s) for testing.

Upcoming tasks - We continue to work through the bugs at bugzilla. and the tasks described above that are not finished. There remain key pieces of functionality to be defined and implemented (TBD).
Greg and I will meet with the Chicago Pythonistas later this week to garner more feedback.

Stay tuned...

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