Thursday, August 13, 2015

Summertime, 2015

It has been a busy Summer!

Since my last posting, we "Resolved" some ninety (90) bugs in Bugzilla!

Our new infrastructure of website, forums and Atlassian tools including HipChat have been working well for us.

Julien has been implementing Pyramid support, the design of which was documented in Atlassian Confluence. We have also discussed Django implementation, which is another important feature for us. Julien is also helping me with the test cases I am writing in NetBeans' Synergy test tool.

Vincent continues work on UTF-8 (#153498), and related issue #158693. I hope to have him help with some other tasks as he becomes available.

I am working on the debugger, functional/unit tests and Synergy. I am also helping with the JavaFX team at NetBeans NetCAT 8.1, and I continue to meet with the Chicago Pythonistas on a regular basis to garner input.

I have given Greg, Val and Serhii a break from testing, but the new NetBeans 8.1 Beta is here, and we will be ramping up testing this month! To install the Python plugin with the new 8.1 Beta, see How to install new Development build(s) for testing.

As previously reported, Ralph and Julio incorporated Jython 2.7 RC3 (#251765) into our current development release. I have been waiting to see if a maintenance release is forthcoming. Otherwise, I will ask Julio to implement Jython 2.7 Final around September 1.

Upcoming tasks - We continue to work through the bugs at bugzilla. Some decisions need to be made regarding the debugger retrofit OR mitigation of existing bugs (for now). There yet remain key pieces of functionality to be defined and implemented, but we will shortly (?) encounter "feature freeze" and focus on NetBeans Quality Criteria.

Enjoy the sunshine...


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