Monday, February 23, 2015

A Busy February at the Python Project!

First, let me say how pleased I am to announce that Ralph Benjamin Ruijs (ralphbenjamin) has joined the Python Project as a volunteer Engineer! Ralph currently works on the Java and Editor team at NetBeans. In his spare time, he helped to craft NetBeans Python 8.0.2 plugin for his students at the  Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, where he is a lecturer.

Please give Ralph a warm welcome [great cheers]!

As a result, the conversion from GSF to CSL (Parsing & Indexing) is largely complete, and is being integrated (Julio) and tested internally (Lou, executing Python regression tests) with good results. It is ready to be backported to the development repository at

My/our sole focus now is to make the NBMs (NetBeans Modules that makeup the plugin) available for our testers. I've spent a lot of time struggling with the current build system to that end. As well, we've had a number of internal discussions regarding the current source code repository and build system used for Python support. Perhaps we'll make some resolutions concerning this.

Stay tuned...

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