Friday, November 20, 2015

Like squirrels in Autumn, 2015

Like squirrels getting ready for Winter, we are readying the release of Python for NetBeans IDE 8.1!

Since my last posting in August, we "Resolved" some forty-five (45) bugs in Bugzilla!
We also held a few "Sunday Meetings" at related to pre-release tasks.

Here are our Team Members' accomplishments (almost all of our code is written in Java):

I have been coding various bug fixes, packaging/signing/uploading the plugins, maintaining our websites and MySQL, creating "Ad copy", and writing tests for Synergy. Our recent test run was successful; here are the statistics from the Python for NetBeans IDE 8.1 Readiness Check

Julien fixed a number of exceptions, and worked on improving the Plugin's "vocabulary" of Python. He has also been working on Web project support, the beginning of which was implemented in the Python plugin for NetBeans 8.1 - Some support for html, css, and js files in Python projects!

Vincent continues work on UTF-8 (#153498), and several other issues related to encoding. Some fixes have been implemented in the Python plugin for NetBeans 8.1 - and now that he's returned from a month's holiday in sunny California, I expect more fixes will be forthcoming! 

Julio fixed platform auto-detection on Mac OS X and packaged the most recent Jython 2.7 into our current release!

Ralph fixed a number of nagging bugs; he also refactored "hints" and added keywords.

Tim, Julien, Vincent and Julio all helped test the release candidate on the Readiness Check, while Greg and Val helped with testing before and afterward. Good comments made and well-received!

Release the beast! - The big release is scheduled for 23-Nov-2015! After submitting the plugins to, I will be busy making backups and upgrading our websites and MySQL server the weekend before. Initially we will probably be responding to bugs at Bugzilla, but then we turn our attention to...

Upcoming tasks -  Aside from bug fixing, we will initially work at improving Setuptools project type, Web project support, upgrade to Jython 2.7.1, some new "Sample" projects and (of course) the Debugger. Also, we will be migrating (on Jira) from the Kanban Sandbox over to the Python Project (also Kanban) primarily to avoid confusion about which Jira to use. I'll keep the project spreadsheet updated as time allows.

Let me know if I missed anything, and I'll put it in the next report!


  1. Did you guys stopped developing python for netbeans?

  2. We released Python for NetBeans IDE 8.1 on 24-Nov-2015, and are currently working on Python for NetBeans IDE 8.2.
    Sorry if I am slow updating the blog. For the latest information, please visit