Sunday, December 21, 2014

Meet the Pythonistas!

The other evening, Greg and I attended the Chicago Pythonistas Meetup Group's "Python Project Night" with forty members at Braintree's downtown facility. I spoke to the group for about ten minutes on what the NetBeans Python Project was about, and polled them on a few items. For this group:

About 90% use Python 2.7 exclusively,
About  7.5% use 2.7 and 3.x (but only 2.7 in production),
One person uses Python 3.x exclusively, on production applications.
About 85% typically do not use an IDE (they use a good editor, though), and
the remaining %15 use an IDE ocassionally for tougher projects, and
their IDE of choice is PyCharm (by JetBrains).

After pizza, Greg and I met with several users and discussed Python Web Frameworks.

The web frameworks mentioned the most were:

Django, Pyramid (Pylons project), and Tornado (one user raved about Tornado).

We also asked some users to look at part of the jpydaemon code and they explained tuple assignment to me a little better than I had previously understood. They also pointed out some potential problems with the existing code.

My thanks to Greg Winston for assisting, and especially to Chicago Pythonistas Organizer Sheila Miguez, who also referred us to ChiPy and posted a message there on our behalf!

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