Saturday, December 13, 2014

About Lou Dasaro

In case you wanted to know about me, and where I'm coming from:
I've been in software development for about twenty-five years. I've worked as a programmer, analyst, software tester, QA manager, DBA in development, team lead, project manager, and spent a good chunk of my life traveling to "exotic destinations" as a consultant. You'd recognize most of my clients' names. Most of the "baby Bells" and other phone companies, corporations large and small.
My LinkedIn profile provides the detail.

I have also developed many products. You may have heard of two of them:

FairPlay, which was the Digital Rights Management system I wrote at Veridisc that (later) enabled Apple to secure content for iPod/iTunes. As it turns out, this was not as bad an idea as it sounded (at the time), because if Apple iTunes hadn't started out using a DRM, the RIAA would have never allowed "downloading music from the Internet", i.e. you may recall what happened to

And (long ago) LabelMaker III, which I wrote for a large label manufacturer. It was surprisingly popular, in Manufacturing, at least. Must have been that flashy Multiplan-like UI that I used :-)

Back to the future: over the last year or so I've written a JavaFX application for a startup, led the JavaFX "Tribe" on NetCAT 8.0 (testing JavaFX support). I was the QA Manager at a "Big Data Analytics" (JavaFX with Cassandra) company, until they suddenly folded and their IP assets were acquired by SAP. Right now I'm in the middle of coursework toward a certificate in Cybersecurity from the University of Maryland through Coursera. Last Fall I studied "Software Security" - I was surprised my knowledge of 808x assembler is useful again!

At home, I'm rebuilding my media server so I can cut the cable. Since I have a bunch of servers laying around, I might set one up to do builds, because the build time for NetBeans is substantial!
Sometimes I play loud guitar. That's all for now.

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